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Pet Resistant Screen - PetScreen®

Phifer PetScreen, pet-resistant insect screening, is tear and puncture-resistant to prevent damage by dogs and cats. Ideal for use in high-traffic areas. PetScreen installs like regular insect screening and is excellent for use in patio/porch enclosures and windows and doors.
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PetScreen® Technical Specs:
Standard Colors: Black and Grey
Composition: Vinyl-coated polyester
Mesh Weight: 11.2 oz/yd2 (380 g/m2)
Fabric Thickness: .036 (.914mm)
Openness Factor: Approximately 36%
UV Blockage: Approximately 64%
Allow your pets the freedom to come in and out with a sturdy Pet Screen Door.

Now when your pet needs to go out, they don't have to bother you. The Pet Screen Door is a fast and easy way to turn your existing standard screen door into a puppy door. Fasten the plastic frames of the Pet Screen Door together through your screen, trim around the swinging door, and you have an easy entry that cats and dogs alike will appreciate. If you don't want your pet going out, the Pet Screen Door includes a latch to keep it closed. The Pet Screen Door comes in two sizes: Small with an 8"W x 9-1/2"H opening; Large with a 12"W x 16"H opening. 
  • With the swinging Pet Screen Door, your pets can easily go in or out of the house without bothering you
  • This puppy screen door installs easily on any standard screen door (not compatible with our Pet Screen)
  • The latch on the Pet Screen Door means you are in control of your pet's comings and goings.
Note: Pet Screen Door cannot be used with our Pet Screen or other thick screens.
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