Retractable Porch & Patio Screens

Retractable Porch & Patio Screens


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Why get a porch screen?
  • They reduce glare.
  • They reduce heat.
  • They reduce wind.
  • They reduce UV rays.
  • They keep bugs out.
  • They’ll save you money by reducing electric bills.
  • They’re durable and can be used in high winds.
  • They’re quiet, even in high winds.
  • They allow for decorative window treatments inside.
Note: Maximum size up to 25’ wide by 25’ high*
Diminishes the harmful UV rays that fade your valuable home furnishings. 
Dynamic by Design
Enjoy the outdoors on your terms! With the touch of a button, an Exterior Screen from Rainier will enhance your home and provide shade, energy savings, ventilation and insect protection. Rainier has a history of providing exceptionally crafted, custom-made retractable porch screens and shading systems. Our tradition of quality guarantees a sound investment in your home’s comfort and elegance.

Block the sun not the view
Rainier Screens are designed to filter out the majority of the sun’s harmful effects while preserving your outdoor view and allowing you to better control your interior lighting. Our product is used to reduce annoying glare on computers and television screens and diminishes the harmful UV rays that fade your valuable home furnishings. 


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Cool your home naturally with a Rainier Screen to effectively reduce heat gain and decrease your reliance on traditional air conditioning. Research has shown that an exterior shading system can reduce cooling costs up to 60%. In addition, Rainier is deeply committed to respecting and protecting our environment. We are the only screen manufacturing company in America that has a formal Environment Management System and is ISO 14001 certified. Rainier Screens are easy on your wallet and the environment. Get a high quality outdoor screen from us today!

Rainier Screens are available in a wide range of fabric, styles and color selections. They can block the sun and keep your view, or provide complete blackout if desired. Fabric warranties vary depending on your selection, but Rainier has a number of fabric selections with 10-year limited warranties on exterior applications.

Rainier Screens are available in 11 standard frame colors: white, bright white, tan, desert sand, navajo, gray, silver, bronze, brown, green, and black. Every screen is built to order with powder coating done in-house, resulting in a beautiful appliance-like finish and requiring little maintenance.
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Innovative Retractable Screen Solutions
Rainier Screens feature our innovative SRS™ Side Retention System, the strongest retention system available in the market today. The system is designed to keep the outdoor screen mesh stable, and allows for worry-free use of your screen, even in high wind conditions. Unlike other screen systems, your Rainier SRS™ screen can be left down when the wind blows, providing protection and energy savings.
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Stop the Bugs from Bugging You
Keep insects where they belong. To fully enclose your living area from pesky bugs, we add a brush on the hem bar to seal the bottom of the system. And our exclusive Screen Clean feature, built into the housing of your screen, brushes bugs and debris off the screen mesh, preventing pests from entering your home.
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