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Simplicity® is an excellent choice for porch, patio, deck or window screen projects as well as unlimited other special use applications. It is well suited for triangles, trapezoids and other odd shapes and is probably the best choice for porch, patio and deck screen applications where job site fabrication is required.

This extremely versatile product offers very good quality at an affordable price. Matching PVC inserts are also available for off-season winterization.
Simplicity® is a 7/16” x 1” .024g roll formed material which is available in 4 finishes. Square cut color-matching corners are provided standard but miter cut corners are also available if required. All panels 48” or less in one dimension are supplied standard with 20x20 .008g charcoal fiberglass screen material. Panels over 48” in both dimensions are supplied standard with 18x14 .013g charcoal fiberglass screen material.

The maximum recommended manufacture size for Simplicity® panels is 156 UI. The closer you are to (and the more you exceed) the maximum recommended UI size the more flexible the frame will be. The larger the panel is, the more secure the installation must be.

Table 1
Simplicity Frame as shown.
Color options are:
White, Bronze, Tan and Mill
Adding support (divider) bar allows fabricating frames of large size.
Miter cut versus straight cut.
Support bars for Simplicity® screens are structural - this results in a substantially sturdier frame and are recommended in any screen panel with a height or width over 48". Bar should be parallel to the shortest dimension and positioned at approximately 1/3” the distance of the longest dimension. Standard location for Support Bar is 36” up from base - this would be the typical location for most porch, patio and deck screen applications. Failure to use bars as recommended may result in an hourglass effect, loose screen material, or blowouts.

Simplicity® polyvinyl chloride (PVC Film) inserts are an economical choice for off-season protection. Simply order, or make, a second set of frames with our PVC installed in place of screen material. PVC is a durable double polished, UV stabilized, material that will withstand the elements and resists scratching. It is easily installed and is a far more economical choice when compared to tempered glass or polycarbonate inserts. Simplicity® PVC inserts also weigh less than glass inserts, can be stored flat, stacked, or on their side, and can withstand serious abuse without being damaged. 48” maximum single dimension.
Simplicity® Screens can be purchased directly from CT Enclosures & Screens. We offer installation of manufactured Simplicity® Screens throughout the state of Connecticut if You.

Fully Manufactured Panels: Order must be quoted first. Manufacture orders will ship by common carrier (freight). Manufacture orders can also be ordered by phone at (800) 940-1353. Please use the Quote Request links (pdf_4).

To order raw materials click here to go to the screen frame section.
Several installation suggestions, with measuring instructions, are listed below. These are by no means the only way to install Simplicity® Screen panels. These are simply the most common. Your application may require a combination of methods or other methods not detailed.

DIY fabrication of Simplicity® should not be challenging for those with at least some mechanical skills. No special tools are required. Need to fabricate PVC panels also? Not a problem, simply cut a second set of frames and spline in the PVC film in the exact same fashion as insect screen material - except looser. You want to allow for slight vinyl shrinkage during cold weather. 

Our recommended tool list and installation instructions should accommodate most people and projects. You may use any equipment, tool or process that you feel will work better or best fits your skill level. You can adjust our instructions in any fashion needed to best fit your application.

Tools Required:
  • A Miter Saw suitable for cutting metals and properly equipped with a blade approved for aluminum cutting -or- a hack saw and miter box
  • Tape Measure
  • A work table or area that is at least as large as the largest panel to be assembled / screened
  • Screen material installation tool
Possible Additional Tools Required (needed only for center bars): 
  • Power Drill
  • 1/8" Drill Bit(s)
  • 1/8" x 1/4" Rivets and Rivet Gun
  • Table Saw suitable for cutting metals and properly equipped with a blade approved for aluminum cutting -or- a hack saw and miter box.
Work safely and follow all common safety practices and use all proper safety equipment. Be sure that you are proficient with any tool or equipment used and that all tools or equipment used are properly suited for the work being performed. The following recommended instructions assume that you have properly planned your sizes and have received all required components. (Frame Materials, Corner Inserts, Screen Material, Spline, Center Bar, and Rivets (if needed).

Table 2
You must account for 1" per square cut corner when calculating your cut lengths. For example, if your screen width is 32" you would cut your frame to 30". 30" + 1" per corner will result in a 32" frame. Remember to account for this on all lengths of metal and for both the height and width. 

Please note: If you use MITER CUT corner inserts, cut your metal to the size(s) required.
Cut frame material to the proper adjusted length. (Remember you'll need 2 for each height and 2 for each width) 

Use a cutting jig, (material stop) if possible, to ensure all pairs are cut to the exact same size. 

When cutting for mitered corners, the spline channel must be cut to the inside of the angle and do not stack cut metal when cutting miter corners.  

Check your cuts as you go or during assembly. 
Corner installation will be snug - a small mallet may help with assembly. 

Assemble the frame one leg at a time until complete. Once assembled move on to center bar installation or screen (PVC) installation.
Support bars for Simplicity® screens are recommended for both screen and PVC panels with a height or width over 48" and must be installed prior to screen or PVC installation. Support bars are structural and provide a substantially sturdier frame.

In screen panels, install support bar perpendicular to the longest sides. Typically, screen support bars are installed at 36" up from base or to a height best suited for your application. Failure to use bars as recommended may result in an hourglass effect and/or loose screen material.
Support bars are highly recommended on all PVC panels with a height or width over 48". Support bar must be centered perpendicular to the longest sides. Failure to use bars as recommended will result in an hourglass effect and a substantial risk of blow out during high winds.
Center bar should be sized to 1/16" less than the total dimension. Example: cut a center bar support at 35-5/16" for a 36" wide screen) Cover exposed face with painter’s tape or other removable protective film prior to notching. This will help prevent scratching.
Remove a 1" (notch) from each end. Material is removed from the spline side. This may be done with a properly outfitted table saw, milling machine, hack saw, etc. (use of table saw shown above) Leave only the back wall of the frame.

Your cut should be clean and burr-free. Test fit prior to removing protective tape. If you need to reduce the length for fit, remove only a slight amount at a time from one end only. (Cut a small amount off of 1 arm and them and re-notch) Repeat as needed to produce a snug fit.
Once bar is correctly sized and positioned, drill and rivet into place. Install screen material in the standard fashion. Watch your screen installation closely, if you install in an extremely tight fashion you will run the risk of "hour glassing." Jig your frame if needed. Use .200 polyfoam spline for all screen materials.

Install PVC in the exact same fashion as screen material using the same size spline. DO NOT install tight - there must be some flex or looseness to the film. During cold weather the PVC will shrink roughly 2%. This shrinkage is normal and will result in a firm panel.
Work Safely...

Please follow all common safety practices and use all proper safety equipment. Be sure that you are proficient with any tool or equipment used and that all tools or equipment used is properly suited for the work being performed.

Important Information...

Panels manufactured outside of our production facilities are not covered by the CT Enclosures & Screens LLC limited warranty. All information and directions provided should be treated as generic guides which are intended to help you plan, measure and order screens. Our directions are applicable and correct for a great majority of situations - but not all. In some situations they may need to be modified. In some situations they may not be applicable at all. The responsibility to determine this and the responsibility to order items correctly rests solely on the customer. We make no guarantee, warrantee or promise of any kind that the directions (guides) we provide will work in every application. Please read and understand all information provided on this web site.
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