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3 SEASON SUNROOM deliver custom - built versatility and an affordable price compared to building a glass solarium or a full addition to your home. You can have an enclosure that lets you enjoy the outdoors nearly all year long.

A Gazebo can be 4, 6, or 8 sided and can be built to just about any size desired. They can be built on just about any surface as well, provided the walls can be fastened down. We have built on wooden decks, concrete pads, paving stone, stamped concrete, and even wooden timbers.

The most common application of 3 SEASON ROOMS is attached to a home and covering an existing deck or patio. For those with a "detached" deck or a patio out in the yard or garden, a custom - built free standing structure or Gazebo is the answer.
The free standing 3 SEASON ROOM above is built on a wooden platform in a beautiful grove of trees with a waterfall and stream running by - a truly tranquil and relaxing environment.

Free Standing rooms and Gazebos have proven to be of value as well in Condo and Strata cases where "attachment" to the house is not allowed by the condo board - you can still enjoy a bug-free area and keep to the rules.
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How many of us have dreamt about owning a swimming pool to enjoy in those precious summer months? There is nothing like the sound of children's laughter and joy from splashing around with their friends.

One of the biggest challenges of having a pool is the maintenance. Imagine the joys of pool ownership without the maintenance - just jump in and enjoy. By constructing a SCREEN ROOM around and over your pool you accomplish many benefits:
  • Enjoy the pool and tanning on the sundeck without the nuisance of mosquitoes, flies and wasps.
  • Your pool will be clean and stay clean - no more leaves and debris in the pool to clean out and clog the drains and filters.
  • No more dodging the drowning wasps looking for one more victim before they go under.
Once again, all our pool enclosures are custom designed and built to fit your needs. Polycarbonate can be added to the roof as well to keep out the rain and 3 SEASON WINDOWS can be added to extend your swimming season - earlier in the Spring and later into the Fall.
Table 3

These are the most typical enclosures we build. One of the greatest things about a deck enclosure is the ability to leave doors and windows (you can even permanently remove the screens from the windows) wide open onto the enclosed area. This truly adds an outdoor room to your existing home and creates an outdoor feel in any adjacent room to the enclosure.

Every 3 SEASON SUNROOM is custom designed and built to fit and match the architecture of each unique home. A "mansard" roof is often used in our designs as it allows increased roof heights, and helps us to match the slope and shape of your roof perfectly. Shed Style and gable roofs are commonly used as well. We can frame around changes in roof heights, bay windows, fireplaces - everything about our building process is custom to meet the specific needs of our customers and their homes or restaurants. When a roof line is quite low or a vaulted ceiling is desired, we can use an engineered structural gutter which allows us to build a "double mansard" roof as seen in the photo above.

This is a 15% fabric (85% openness) and will keep out all the pests, while being nearly invisible. This is used where the view is a priority. Being the lightest of the screens we use, our strength and durability tests are based on this screen. Thanks in part to the Suncoast screening system, our screen roofs will meet the same engineered load capacities as the roof of a house!

This is a 65% fabric (35% openness) and is very effective for blocking the wind but still allows the air to pass through with relative ease. This is also often referred to as "Noseeum" mesh as the holes in the screen are quite small and even the smallest of bugs cannot penetrate it.

The view looking out of the room is bright and clear, while looking into the room is nearly impossible. This privacy is due to our '90% closed' screen fabric that we refer to as SUPER SOLAR or SUPER WIND SCREEN. It adds terrific privacy to any outdoor setting, while blocking wind, and providing shade/sun protection for South and West facing decks.
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